Video Vixen


EFFECTUS Productions LLC  in ass. with Stacii StaySea and Team.

Venue, Creative Director, Models, Videographer & Editor Available At Your Fingertip!

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Experience in Film & Event Productions. 

  • Producer, RJR Communications Group, Culture Classics '15

  • Director, Island Chill MagaZeen 

Area of Expertise:

  • Acting 

  • Directing                              Branding     

  • Streaming Media                Social Media Marketing 

  • Email Marketing / Communication

Hiring a photo studio, renting luxury items, Director and  an entire glam squad can be super difficult and  extremely expensive.

Promote your video through various social media platforms.

(Instagram story, IG, FB post, Snapchat, Website, YouTube, Shoutouts).


Lets help make your music video come to life without you having to deal with the hassle and expense of hiring an entire production team.

Luxurious cars and yachts available for your next music video. Finished product will be sent directly to your inbox after shot and edited 📩


Mr Bertus 'The Diary' -

Watch full music video.

Young Finesse 'Who Am I'    Rated R

Lets Promote your music!


01/17 - 12/18

Package: Final cut, Video: Shoutout. 2 IG posts, 1 FB, 1 Snapchat.

video length: 00:30 secs 






01/17 - 12/18

Package: Final cut, 3 IG posts, 2 FB, IG Story, Tweet

Prop: Luxury Yacht, Cars, House, Jewelry... 

video length: 1:00 min





01/17 - 12/18

Package: Final cut, 4 IG, 3 FB, Tweet

Prop: Luxury Yacht, Cars, House, xModels... 

Outfits: Sexy dress, bikini, casual. view

video length: 2:50 mins




Video Vixen / Music Promotion

Interested in:

  • Fully produced music video for your soundtrack. 

  • Book Stacii StaySea for your next project. 

 Please send us a message here

*Payment Cash/Paypal ONLY

Track/single must be sent via directly after payment confirmation and proof of payment

5-10 days delivery 


“The best team work I have done. Thank you for your help with the video and the support. I will be contacting you again very soon.


Young Finesse / Artist Spotify

You surely are multi talented and very understanding teamwork. Love what you did with the video. Love the models, the energy you all brought. Viewers cant stop watching. Job Well Done!


Charly  /  Artist all major platforms

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