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DESIGNER - Learnt from the BESTS!

I grew up in a strict traditional christian household where everything was about a hundred percent effort and doing my best. My mom was an educator, which kept me focused. I also admired so many of the drawings and poems my dad would create in his books after a long day of carpentry and working the family farm; It was like all of his hard work spoke through his art work.

 "After learning from my parents, I then taught myself design" -Sta'cii StaySea 
Wear Art Meets Fashion!!!
Fashion designer
  • Hand-made swimwear, casual, business attire...
  • Fashion expertise
  • Reinvent your own style with a personal stylist. 
  • Before & After pictures of clients. 
  • Shop affordable designer fashion here.

often get comments about my style and the outfits I wear and how unique they are. I must admit most times they are just randomly thrown together. From a young age I loved modeling and experimenting with fashion.  I enjoy drawing and designing my own outfits and working closely with designers and clients to make their vision come to reality.

Please check out some of my work below

 2019 swimwear collection