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10 Secrets About Me - sshh

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

If you are on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a viral message being passed around in regards to posting 10 random secret about yourself. I don't have secrets, but I got some hidden truths, and instead of pretending that I find this stupid and childish, I think it’s a great way to get to know some of my friends and followers. Here’s a chance to get to know me a little bit better and I start with my favorite question.

1. How do you deal with failure?

2. My current mood? #island CHILL, lets just say I know how to keep myself and the people around me entertained. I am always creating the next thing. And I know yo wondering, why did I skip to 2.? because I never fail, I have already won, get it? 1.!

3. Introvert or extrovert? I am an Ex-Extrovert Converted To Introvert: yes you can be 'converted', lol. I was once an extrovert, but the more I dedicated myself fully to my career and business, and opened up myself more to learning new things and reading interesting books - the less interest I had being amongst a crowd. To-be-honest, the only crowd I have is the crowd-a-people in my family, my team and my growing fan-base. Like I said, it's all business.

4. A little about my background.

Other than the fact that I am an actor and entrepreneur, I grew up in the church - performing, singing and praising the Lordt. I am the last of six kids for my parents who've been married for over 40+ years. Like some of you may know, I come from the small community of Gravel Hill in Jamaica.

FUN FACT: I got Caucasian in my family (!) some living in Scotland, Canada, England, etc. The Tulloch, my mother's side of family, originated from Scotland... but darling, I am as black as they come. #blackgirlmagic

Legacy Of Tulloch

5. My Favorite thing to eat. I like trying different foods, but I love me some real juicy, ripe, sweet, jamaican mango. The best part is having the juice running down my hands and the smel....

...Sorry about that I went to the fridge to get something, but like I was saying, I like all types of food.

6. My biggest pet peeve. Oh Lordt, we could go on and on but basically, I don't like things that crawl: slugs, worms, manipulating-deceptive-humans, snakes, leech... except for babies, I like babies.

7. My favorite thing.

Mushii! If you know me, then you would know Mushii. She is a little teddy that I have had for many years, I also sleep with her EVERY NIGHT. People think it's weird, but that's just people, they wouldn't understand, this is between Mushii and I.

8. Had any near death experience. Many, Many, Many, Many times.

9. What are you doing right now? Um, biting into a nice, sweet, juicy, ripe... you get the point.

10. One Closet Secret.

I only wear thong underwears. Around 11, 12 I started to hide and try on my older sister's thong. Saved my money, bought some, hid them in my clothes basket, and from that day forward, I can't seem to get them out off my ass!

"Effortless dressers - fashion queen, Someone that stands out from the crowd with her unique taste" - (top comments on IG)

Stacii StaySea: Yuh heard? mi style unique!!! After years of fashion experimenting, I finally found my style and I am glad that it is resonating.

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Hii Guyyyys :) Um, if you've got any more questions just comment or telepathically send them to me (I think the first one would be more reliable though) Okayy, see yuh later.. BYEEE


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