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7 Tips to Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

Need some help figuring out how to bring your travel dreams to life? Studies show it is important that we take time for ourselves and to unwind. Taking time off is crucial for our mental health and overall well being. What’s on your travel bucket list?

A huge trap to not traveling—or getting into travel debt—comes from the fact that we don’t think about the details as a priority. So, how do you go from traveling the world in your head to traveling the world for real, on a budget. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to make sure you take the time off you deserve.

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1. Be Inspired: Daydream

Keep tabs on accounts that feature your “must see” destinations. Flip through travel magazines, follow Instagram accounts that inspire you and imagine yourself in that dream spot you see on the glossy pages. Bottom line, keep that place you want to visit top of mind and imagine yourself there. This keeps your sense of adventure alive.

2. Start Small and Stay Close-

Traveling doesn’t have to mean going to some exotic location halfway across the world. It can be getting away for a weekend and exploring places close to home. You don’t have to wait until you have money for your dream vacation to start traveling. I think any trip is better than no trip!

3. Articulate Your Travel Goals

Start by picking a time and place to travel to, then consider the steps involved in planning and getting there. Saying 'I want to go to Florida' is vague and requires further definition. Having fewer more clearly articulated goals makes it more likely that you'll hit them.

One way I’ve learned to prioritize traveling is to remind myself of all the destinations I want visit. Once you've established a time and place, start tackling the next steps: if you are traveling overseas, make sure your passport is up to date, research the sites to see, and learn a bit about the culture where you are going.

photo: The Everglade's - alligator sightseeing.

4. Research, Research: Don’t Assume! 

Check multiple websites when booking your tickets, tours, hotels, etc. Don’t assume that the first price you find is the only one, that there isn’t anything cheaper out there.

Using mystery hotel booking sites or services like AirBnB can shave money off of your overall lodging costs.

5. Create Time Blocks

"No matter what stage you're at in life, or what type of plan you're striving to do, carving out time well in advance is a great way to commit to making the plan happen," "You might not even know where you're going, but time gets eaten up pretty easily. Block it out, and start from there. How long? As long as you can, and as many blocks as you can put in place."

Have fun and be flexible, too, as long as you or someone else is holding you accountable.

6. Know Thy Spot: Consider Timing and Weather

Decision time. Now that you’ve gotten your partners on board (or have intentionally decided to go stag), identify where exactly you’re going. For example, South-beach is the go-to town for entertainment but it can get rather rowdy on the weekends.

Millions of Americans visit national parks and national seashores. If you’re looking for a quieter experience off the beaten path, try a the Everglades National Wildlife Park.

photo: Marathon Keys

Also, Sanibel Island is the perfect private getaway, no stop light and you can fish all day. January is probably the coolest month in Florida, but to a Jamaican tourist that is used to hot weather it is a superb change of climate.  By all means, wear your shorts during your outings as the day temperature reaches an average high of 22°C; in the evenings, you will want to wear a light jacket as the average low temperature is 9°C, which is not too bad whatsoever considering this is mid-winter.

7. Cut Out Excess Spending + Save More

Cut out excess spending to save more money and pay back existing debt. 

Make sure your bills are paid on time or as up-to-date as possible. 

Make sure you stay afloat, so potential travel debt doesn’t add to any financial burdens.

What extras can you do without?

Is your weakness coffee? Make your coffee in a French press and skip Starbucks. 

RV: Cruiseamerica.com

Rent a tour bus/RV: Spend more time on the go, exploring the different cities and sites without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

Some of the advantages of these are that usually they have common areas where people meet, so you may end up finding someone to share transportation, dinner or day trips.

One thing I learned is it costs little to nothing to go sit by the beach and enjoy nature and the scenery.

photo: Shop this outfit (sunglass, swimwear, jewelry)

Stay in hostels: some hostel beds are literally just a couple of dollars per night and you get the authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime. Plus most hostels often has free food, As an entrepreneur and actor, one of my favorite discoveries and the one thing I always encourage young travelers to do is to keep a journal (or these days, a blog). and stock up on free eats to take with you while you’re off adventuring for the day!

Hey traveler, remember to signup for my 'GiveAway Appreciation!'... Feel free to leave questions below :)

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