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The Healthy Actor

Updated: Jan 26, 2018

This personal blog is dedicated to helping Business-Brands; Actors, Entertainers and Entrepreneurs with a busy-schedule maintain a healthy lifestyle to not only do their best, but also to live and feel their best. 

Being busy is like second nature, as soon as we wake in the morning, (thats if we get the chance to sleep), we start working, even before taking the time to breathe. Having a healthy lifestyle seems so hard, yet it is something we all desire to have.

Growing up in the countryside of Jamaica, I was always a 'wild-child'. So, I was what you would call a healthy child. But maybe I just had too much sugar in my diet!

By the time I was 20 and started my company while attending college, I had little to no time to exercise. Then I realised that I slowly became slower; I craved fast-food and became sluggish and totally miserable. This gave me the idea to make a simple plan to keep me on track. I hope it will help you too!

(photo: me casa)

A complete psycho-physical, mind, body, and soul approach to acting and performing means not only looking at what improves us for a singular performance, but what allows us to be our best over the long haul and everyone want to live a long-healthy-happy life!

Keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle is tough. It requires a balancing act.


Workout Focus: 1. Keep hydrated!: don't like drinking water? buy flavored water drops.

2. Cardio: 4 days a week. After doing my personal bathroom activities in the morning, I take a quiet, peaceful neighborhood run. This works well for introverts. Other times I hit the gym.

Mental Focus:

1. Meditate atleast 5 mins per day: Becoming one with SELF! As cliche as this seems, I have realized having 'mindfulness awareness' in the early morning or before heading to a casting/audition allows me to give myself time to breathe and helps to release any negative or unwanted energy.

2. Read: I can't over-emphasize how important it is to read. Read Everything Even Kids Books! It will not only help in your creativity, it allows us as a Business-Brand to uderstand others knowledge of the business-side of everything.

(Book: Rich20something by Daniel Dipiazza)

(photo: Island Chill Yacht Charters)

Dietary Focus: 1. Lots of Fruits and vegeatables: Take a carrot to work! you'll see things clearer. 2. No processed carbs. 3. Low dairy products. 4. Focused on lean protein. 5. Reduced saturated fats.

With these simple guidelines, you can expect small changes that will eventually benefit your entire lifestyle.

When you have tried my simple plan, please send me a review, I would love to share your story!

Have any question? feel free to send me a message.


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