The expansion of the Internet, TV, cable channels and web series, has created a market for screenplays that has never been bigger. Movies, earned $12 billion in 2016 alone. The Internet has opened even more doors: Streaming Videos, Social Media, YouTube…. 

Screenplays are made from sequences and their composite scenes. Understanding these fundamental building blocks of Screenplay Structure is a critical element in writing a successful script. 



Through a detailed analysis of over 130 Classic and Contemporary screenplays across a broad spectrum of plot types and genres from 1941-Present, ScreenWriting Science identified a fundamental Scene-Sequence structure of successful feature films - the 19-Sequence Model. This structure, plus each film's story events and plot points, are captured in the Screenplay Sequence-Scene Structure Summaries

"19 Sequence Model shows that almost all films follow the same pattern, whether it's science fiction, drama or comedy. This theory helped me unlock the Act 3 of a story I had been unable to resolve for months". - Ronald Shusett - Producer/Co-writer "Alien"and "Total Recall"

Eliminate Writer's Block

Benefits of Using 19-Sequence Formula:  

  • Facilitate building your initial script outline. 

  • Sharpen story and plot pace, and correctly locate key plot points to engage readers and fulfil genre expectations. 

  • Learn the unlocked secrets of what happens when in key movie genres and plot types. 

  • Improve script marketability! 


  • 19-Sequence-Scene Summaries: structural breakdowns of successful screenplays from Alien to The Wizard of Oz.

  • See detailed analysis and structural breakdown of successful screenplays. 

  • Understand the definition and role of Sequences and Scenes.

  • Understand the 19-Sequence Model as fundamental to the structure of screenplays across a broad spectrum of Genres, Stories and Plots.

  • Use 19-Sequence Formula as seen in popular movie structure to write your own movie.

"Accelerate Your Creative Writing Through ScreenWriting Science! "

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