Clients experience is very important to me. Check out what our recent clients & customers have to say after working along with Sta'cii StaySea Blake and team. 



"Recently Sta'cii helped me reinvent my style.  As a scientist, I typically wear jeans and sweaters and wear my hair up.  I never wear make-up.  

Instead of starting from scratch, Sta'cii evaluated my existing wardrobe and added pieces to improve the overall lookShe also helped me with make-up.  Not just what to use but how to apply it.  The before and after photos really say it all.  I almost don't look like the same person.  Her tips and suggestions were invaluable and will come in extremely handy next time I go out to a social event. Thanks Sta'cii!" - Dr. Emily Lynn - Scientist


Sta'cii is the Life of the Party. Very professional, knows how to keep the party going, she's extremely creative and was a great host for my yacht party - a total fashion-killer. Sta'cii was referred to me by my business partner and now I refer her to my other sailing buddies for their parties.- Miami Week Windjammer Inc. Joey Smarts


You surely are multi talented and very understanding person. Love what you did with my video. Love the models, the energy you all brought. Viewers cant stop watching. Job Well Done! - Charly Artist, All major platform

"Sta'cii Blake sees the heart of the actor's journey & illuminates the soul within! She is gifted & guided by means connected to the core. As an actor she is focused, grounded and creates the maximum effect with the least amount of effort. When you work with her you will know instantly. It's just one of those magic things - that when you meet, you feel so very... very... lucky!!!" Award-Winning Playwright, Actor, Master Coach - John Pallotta 


"What can this little lady do on this construction site, probably too dangerous for her. That is exactly what I thought before working with Ms. Blake but she did put us to the test. Very hardworking, smart and a force to be reckoned with"- L O Benson Co.


Sta'cii you brought So Much Life and Great Energy to Our Team. I looked forward to working with you again because I appreciate your honesty as a young entrepreneur like myself. Your Strategy on team work really helps and I have seeing improvement in my customer service department which is helping with salesThanks for your time, understanding, patience, creativity and helping us rejuvenate. Keep Up the Great Work!

Sarah D. So Feels Hair C.E.O

"...Blake whose character, Lacy, was the most complex of all did well to show certain changes necessary to the movement of the plot..." read more

- The Jamaica Gleaner 

"Jamaican Actress on the Move"- JAfrican Music read


Sta'cii you are very talented and super gifted! My husband Mike and I recently opened our fashion boutique for kids and wanted some very unique pieces. We found Sta'cii on Instagram after reading a blog post about her. I instantly feel in love with her style and personality. we hired her for our Rose_mary Kids Collection. Her designs are off the chain, the new mothers that visits our store and social media loves them. Rose-Mary Kids

"...Interesting was the artistic ways in which they were told.. (including) changes of character and costumes, sound effects, conversations with recorded voices, music, video projection... to delineate changing spaces and times" - Michael Reckord The Gleaner


Thank you so much for your continued love, support and keeping up with my updates. 

You know that mi love yuh baaaaaaad. BIG UP YUH SELF!